July 21, 2009

Gender Selection Pregnancy – Choosing A Baby Girl Or Boy

One of the hottest topics today is gender selection pregnancy. Getting pregnant and knowing how to go about it is pretty straightforward, but choosing the sex of your baby can complicate matters. You have to know a little bit about biology to understand how to select the sex of your child and this is actually not difficult to understand. The sperm is the determining factor in terms of gender and there are both “x” and “y” sperm, while the egg only comes in the “x” variety. If they “y” sperm fertilizes the egg, you get a boy and if the “x” sperm fertilizes the egg you get a girl.

There are influences at play which are able to dictate what gender your child will be, and the basics of gender selection mean these influences have to be in place for certain methods to work. Some influences will favor a male child, while others influence a female child. These influences include vaginal Ph (acid or base), the sex position used, timing of ovulation and even diet in the month before the conception.

The most important factor to consider is the timing of your ovulation. If you can calculate timing accurately and coordinate conception within the window of opportunity for favoring one gender over the other, you are able to influence the sex of your child.

There is a great deal of information available on what techniques can be used to influence the gender of your child. Try not to get too clinical, especially if it is your first child, it generally takes about 3 – 6 months to get pregnant, but if it has been longer than 12 months, it is best to consult with an OB/Gyn. He can also more than likely provide you with some good strategies for you become pregnant and even gender selection pregnancy ideas.

Gender selection pregnancy is something that couples think about when they want to have a balanced family. Not many couples want more than two children these days. They are expensive to bring up and if you want the best for them, striking a balance is not a bad thing, regardless of how clinical it may seem.

Because selecting the gender of your children is such a hot topic, scientific methods are being developed to achieve this and myths and legends abound. If your mother tells you tells you to bury a piece of bacon under a rock in the garden at full moon before sexual relations, and make a wish for the sex of your baby. It is not very likely that this will determine the sex of your child.

Clinical methods that are 100% accurate have been and are still being developed that can assist with the gender selection of your child. For example PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and PGH (preimplantation genetic haplotyping), however these methods are both expensive and invasive and generally reserved where medically indicated. Some countries do not permit gender selection using these methods.

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