Ashley Spencer’s Gender Selection Book

Yes, You Can Conceive The Baby Girl Or Boy That You Have Longed For.

Ashley Spencer had a passionate desire to conceive a baby girl and this prompted her to start reading about the various methods that people have used to select the gender of their baby before it is conceived. In effect she became an expert in gender selection and weeded out the crazy ideas and things that plain just didn’t work until she got a method that she could use. The happy end to this story was that she successfully conceived a baby girl.

….after reading your book and following the methods you describe, I finally had that little girl….

She passed her method to other couples keen to select the gender of their baby and the results were just as positive. Pretty soon she was getting people calling her all the time asking about the method. This inspired her to put her method down in writing and her book “How To Conceive The Gender of Your Choice” was born.

If you too have the desire to have a baby of a certain sex then this book can really help you. But there is more to it than that. Here is a short review of How To Conceive The Gender of Your Choice.

….Less than a year later our little boy that we’ve been wanting for over five years was born….

Ashley’s book consists of 8 chapters. Each chapter is packed with interesting and useful information on the topic of the chapter.

So Chapter 1 talks about

  • improving your fertility.
  • introduces gender selection and the basic ideas behind it

If you are having trouble conceiving then some of the tips in this chapter may help you.

Chapter 2 talks about

  • what to eat to conceive a baby
  • what to eat to increase the chances of conceiving a girl
  • what to eat to increase the chances of conceiving a boy

If you have ever wondered how food affects sperm and ideal ph level that your body should be then this chapter will help you.

Chapter 3 talks about

  • Having an orgasm
  • What an orgasm means to the sex of your baby

If you want to enjoy sex more and how this applies to the sex of your baby then this chapter can help you.

Chapter 4-7 talk about

  • How the time you have sex influences the sex of the baby
  • How the sexual positions you use influence the sex of the baby

You will learn the practical things that you and your partner need to do to conceive a girl or boy.

Chapter 8 brings the previous chapters together in a step by step plan that you can follow. So if you want a boy, you are told the type of foods to eat, the best sexual positions and the best times to have sex. The same details are laid out if you want a baby girl.

….Our second son, Dylan was born. What an incredible joy! Thank you so much for everything you do!….

At the end of this chapter you will have a plan to follow which will help you conceive a baby of the gender you desire.

The book is jargon free and easy to understand. Ashley has a chatty writing style and the book literally reads itself.  She has a genune desire to help people and this comes across in her book. So you shouldn’t find it confusing in any way.

With this said, Ashley is so confident that the information in the book will help you that she offers a 100% money back guarantee. Even more amazingly, there is no time limit on the guarantee so you have as much time as you like to digest the information and put it into practice.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book as the information contained in it is fascinating and well thought out. It is claimed that 94% of the couples that tried this method had success. Could you be the next success story and conceive the baby with the gender you desire ?

Check out Ashley’s website now for more details.

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